Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Hipstreet 7" HS-7DTB2-4GB / Vektor tablet: cannot use Google Play

I found the Hipstreet 7" HS-7DTB2-4GB / Vektor tablet did not come with Google Play.  So, I downloaded and installed the Google Play Store apk file.  The installation of Google Play Store went well.  I was able to use the Google Play Store to search, view and download applications, but it failed when it came to installing the application.  It consistently provided an error message stating that the "(process has stopped unexpectedly".  
After searching the Internet, some forums stated some of the following solutions:
  • clear data and cache for Google Play Store
  • install Android Market
  • replace Vending.apk 
  • remove Vending.apk
  • enable Hidden Google Application* (don't know what this is, if anyone knows then do enlighten me)
I tried all the solutions listed including a few more other recommendations.  At the end of the day I gave up, but before I did throw in the towel I did one final Google search for anymore hints and tips and found this comment on hipstreet online facebook:
Unfortunately, Google doesn't give license to 3rd tier companies like us, so we won't be able to incorporate it on our tablets at the moment. They only give out licenses to major companies such as Asus, Samsung, HTC, etc.

But don't worry as we have heard some news that sometime this year, they will give out licenses to 3rd tier companies, so let's just wait and see.
Doh!  Lesson learnt, check the software / application compatibility list first.  How did I forget that?
It is not the end of the world although I am more familiar with Google Play Store and has a vast store of Android applications.  I have 2 solutions that I have tried and tested:

  • Use alternative app store such as SlideMe Market that is pre-loaded on the tablet
  • Download and install the apk files from websites such as AKPTOP
I prefer using the apk file method because SlideMe Market is not as up to date as Google Play Store.  Just compare the latest versions of Amazon Kindle from both app stores and you can see for yourself the difference.  Some of the websites that provide the apk files do not provide the latest version as they require you to go to Google Play Store.  Hence, just download and install the previous version.  Remember older versions does not always mean that it is bad.  Example, Amazon Kindle went from being lite and zippy to one that took up approximately 3 times as much space and stalled my Android mobile.  

*Hidden Google Application, looks like something that manufacturers added because it has a spelling mistake in the description of the function.  I doubt that would have let that pass.


  1. How do you find apk when downloaded

  2. I haven't got the tablet with me right now, but from the top of my head: I could download apk files using the dolphin browser on the tablet. Check the dolphin download folder using the root explorer or the facility provided by the browser. I think the location was \extsdcard\dolphin\download

  3. Hi, you can try the 1mobile market. Its almost the same as the google play. See this video on how to download and install marketplace and how to download an app/game using it.